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Another Free Sales Leads List for AstraZeneca

Monday, September 29th, 2008

Here’s a new list of¬†prospects for AstraZeneca¬†
Paul Rogers, Commercial Operations Executive Director,, 302.886.3000
Rick Bartels, Brand Leader,, 302.886.3000 [Now at CSL Behring]
Anthony Felicia, Marketing,, 302.886.8836
Marty DeBerardinis, Early Development Director,, 302.886.2174
Nina Sherak, Product Manager,, 302.886.4877
Simon Campling, Brand Director,, 302.886.3000
Robert Sepelyak, Product Manager,, 302.886.8442
Kathy Monday, Senior Product Manager,, 302.885.1133
Bill Dwyer, […]

Sales Leads Free - Northrop Grumman Corporation

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Walking into the Northrop Grumman Corporation board rooms is like stepping back 30 years into “big business.” Massive rooms with leather chairs and tables twice the size of most CEO’s offices these days, NGC is covered in money. And yet, they might have slipped by your cold calling radar.
NGC sells their services mostly to the […]

AstraZeneca Sales Leads

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

Yet another list of sales leads for a great healthcare company to cold call.
AstraZeneca, 1800 Concord Pike, Wilmington DE, Email:, Phone: 302-886-3000
Michael Murray, Brand Director,, 302.886.3000
Emily Denney, Media Relations,, 302.885.3451
Laura King, Media Relations,, 302.885.1087
Abigail Baron, Media Relations,, 302.885.3578
Jim Minnick, Media Relations,, 302.886.5135
Sandra Heinig, Media Relations,, 302.885.1084
James Read, International […]

More TAP Pharma Products Sales Prospects

Monday, September 15th, 2008

Rich Daly, Senior Marketing Executive,, 847.582.2000
Mark Monticelli, Senior Product Manager,, 847.582.2000
Caryn Kim, Marketing,, 847.582.2000
Steve Vincze, Ethics and Compliance Officer,, 847.582.5006
Susan Nommensen, Senior Group Manager,, 847.582.2000
Laura Muttini, Product Manager,, 847.582.2000
Jeff Wren, Marketing VP,, 847.582.2000
Arthur Enk, Group Manager,, 847.582.2000

Primarion Inc. Sales Leads

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

Primarion Inc., 2780 Skypark Drive, Suite 100, Torrance CA, Phone: 866-321-7746, Email Format:
Deepak Savadatti, Marketing VP,, 866.321.7746
Ken Ostrom, Engineering VP,, 866.321.7746
Stephen Pullen, Systems Engineering VP,, 866.321.7746
Harry Hollack, Operations and Quality VP,, 866.321.7746