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Ethicon Sales Leads List #3

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Hoddy Klein, Product Manager - Topical Adhesives,, 908.218.0707
Jeff Rauso, Product Director - General Surgery,, 908.218.2468
Jill Schiaparelli, Marketing Director - Blake Drains,, 908.218.0707
Alistair Simpson, Product Manager - Cardiovascular,, 908.218.0707
Christine Moley, Associate Product Director - Cardiovascular Surgery,, 908.218.0707
Dennis Mulato, Interactive Marketing Manager,, 908.218.0707
Joseph Tang, Worldwide Group Marketing Director - General Surgery, […]

Ethicon Sales Leads List #2

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Mark Stull, Product Manager,, 908.218.0707
Karen Pastor, Administrative Assistant - Women’s Health and Urology,, 908.218.2804
Ron Naughton, Marketing Director - General Surgery,, 908.218.2989
Mike Tropea, Product Manager,, 908.218.0707
Chris Rabbitt, Product Manager,, 908.218.0707
Dan Brostoff, Product Manager - General Surgery Products,, 908.218.0707
Kikuko Hamada, Product Manager - Blake Drains,, 908.218.0707
Richard Wintersteller, Product Manager - […]

Ethicon Sales Leads List #1

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Ethicon has a decent number of employees (prospects) to cold call. Here’s a cold call list appetizer. More to come.
Ethicon Inc., A Johnson & Johnson Company, Route 22 West, Somerville NJ, Phone: 908.218.0707, Email: Ferradosa, Worldwide Marketing VP,, 908.218.0707
Neave O’Hara, Product Director - General Surgery Products,, 908.218.3827
Karen Zaderej, Product Manager - Surgical […]