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Ortho McNeil Free Sales Leads List

Saturday, November 15th, 2008

Johnson and Johnson sure does own a lot of companies. Maybe you can leverage some of the contacts for other J&J companies you can find here at Sales Leads Free when cold calling these prospects for Ortho McNeil.
Ortho McNeil Pharmaceuticals, A Johnson & Johnson Company, 1000 Route 202 South, Raritan NJ, Phone: 908.218.6000, Email:
Michael […]

Alcon Laboratories Sales Leads List #1

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Alcon Laboratories, 6201 South Freeway, Fort Worth TX, Email:, Phone: 817-293-0450
John Caron, Product Manager,, 817.293.0450
Pierre Morival, Global Marketing Director,, 817.293.0450
Heather Drennan, Product Manager,
Stella Moten, Finance VP,, 817.568.6446
Alex Long, Product Manager,, 817.293.0450
Stella Moten, Finance VP,, 817.568.6446
Alex Long, Product Manager,, 817.293.0450
Laurent Attias, Global Marketing Director,, 817.568.6540

Ethicon Sales Leads List #3

Tuesday, October 28th, 2008

Hoddy Klein, Product Manager - Topical Adhesives,, 908.218.0707
Jeff Rauso, Product Director - General Surgery,, 908.218.2468
Jill Schiaparelli, Marketing Director - Blake Drains,, 908.218.0707
Alistair Simpson, Product Manager - Cardiovascular,, 908.218.0707
Christine Moley, Associate Product Director - Cardiovascular Surgery,, 908.218.0707
Dennis Mulato, Interactive Marketing Manager,, 908.218.0707
Joseph Tang, Worldwide Group Marketing Director - General Surgery, […]

Ethicon Sales Leads List #2

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Mark Stull, Product Manager,, 908.218.0707
Karen Pastor, Administrative Assistant - Women’s Health and Urology,, 908.218.2804
Ron Naughton, Marketing Director - General Surgery,, 908.218.2989
Mike Tropea, Product Manager,, 908.218.0707
Chris Rabbitt, Product Manager,, 908.218.0707
Dan Brostoff, Product Manager - General Surgery Products,, 908.218.0707
Kikuko Hamada, Product Manager - Blake Drains,, 908.218.0707
Richard Wintersteller, Product Manager - […]

Ethicon Sales Leads List #1

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

Ethicon has a decent number of employees (prospects) to cold call. Here’s a cold call list appetizer. More to come.
Ethicon Inc., A Johnson & Johnson Company, Route 22 West, Somerville NJ, Phone: 908.218.0707, Email: Ferradosa, Worldwide Marketing VP,, 908.218.0707
Neave O’Hara, Product Director - General Surgery Products,, 908.218.3827
Karen Zaderej, Product Manager - Surgical […]