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Miscellaneous Medical Device Co. Free Sales Leads “C”

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Candela Corporation, 530 Boston Post Road, Wayland MA, Email:, Phone: 508-358-7637
Nancy Compton, Human Resources VP,, 508.358.7637
Jane Smith, Corporate Communications,, 508.358.7637 ext. 247
Kate Garland,, 508.358.7637 ext. 227
Dennis Herman, Senior Sales and Marketing VP,, 508.358.7637
Paul Cardarelli, Marketing VP,, 508.358.7637
Paul Broyer, Media Relations,, 508.358.7400 ext.435
Capintec Inc., 6 Arrow Road, Ramsey NJ, […]

Miscellaneous Medical Device Co. Free Sales Leads “B”

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Banner, 4125 Premier Drive, High Point NC, Email:, Phone: 336-812-8700
William (Bill) Jones, Global Pharmaceutical Marketing Director,, 336.812.8700
Greg Kearl, Sales and Business Development Executive Director,, 336.812.8700
Mike Cielensky, Nutritional Sales Director, 336.812.8700
Baxa Corporation, 14445 Grasslands Drive, Englewood CO, Email:, Phone: 303-690-4204
Claude Hooton, Executive Sales and Marketing VP,, 303.617.2192
Marian Robinson, Marketing VP,, […]

Miscellaneous Medical Device Co. Free Sales Leads “A”

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Here’s a ton of miscellaneous sales leads for smaller medical device based companies. Just because these companies are small, doesn’t mean they don’t need your good or services. I’d definitely recommend calling some of these companies.
Accellent, 200 West 7th Avenue, Collegeville PA, Email:, Phone: 610-489-0300
Stewart Fisher, EVP and CFO,, 610.409.2225
Gary Curtis, Sales and […]

Sales Leads Free - Diagnostic Products Corporation

Friday, November 7th, 2008

Like the majority of Siemens owned companies, Diagnostics Product Corporation is a prime cold calling candidate. Here’s some prospects to get you started.
Diagnostic Products Corporation, A Siemens Company, 5210 Pacific Concourse, Los Angeles CA, 310-645-8200 Ava Sedgwick, HR Manager,, 310.645.8200
Edgar Valenzuela, Tradeshow Manager,, 310.645.8200
Brad Greer, Multimedia Designer,, 310.645.8200 ext. 7042
Linda Baker, HR […]

Sales Leads for Organon in New Jersey

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Here’s another list of up-to-date sales leads, this time for another med device company in NJ.
Organon Inc., Division of AKZO Nobel, 375 Mount Pleasant Avenue, West Orange NJ, Phone: 973-325-4500, Email Format:
Rick Camp, Brand Director, 973.325.5305
Warren Czerniak, Marketing,, 973.325.4566
Nick Hart, Senior Women’s Health Director,, 973.325.6868
Linda Stamler, Brand Manager - NuvaRing, 973.325.4914
Victoria Jorda, […]