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Pacific Communications Free Sales Leads #2

Monday, August 1st, 2011

They must clone people at Pacific Communications as there seems to be a lot of sales contacts there. Here’s some more to call.
Trisha Ekema, Account Supervisor,, 714.427.1900
Mark Wagner, Senior Art Director,, 714.427.1903
Miata Lengor, Medical Communications,, 714.427.3622
Carolyn Rice,, 714.427.1995
Ron Ovadia, Senior VP - Creative Director,, 714.427.1900
Amy Dahlberg, Production Supervisor,, 714.427.1939
Theresa […]

Free Sales Leads (3) - Pfizer

Monday, January 18th, 2010

More free sales leads for Pfizer…
Felicia Zfira, Senior Product Manager - eBusiness, Phone: (212) 573-2323, Email:
Alison Torreano, Internal Communication Specialist, Phone: (212) 573-2323, Email:
Mike Suesserman, Product Manager - Lipitor, Phone: (212) 573-2323, Email:
Eric Sirota, Product Manager - Zyrtec, Phone: (212) 573-2323, Email:
Kelly Shen, Director, Team Leader - Technology Strategy, Phone: 212 […]

Free Sales Leads (2) - Pfizer

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

As promised, here’s some more free sales leads for Pfizer. Probably more to come after this as well.
Donna Campanella, Director - Team Leader - Media, Phone:  (212) 573-2323, Email:
Nadia Dac, Director - US Team Leader - Aricept, Phone: (212) 573-2323, Email:
Julie Fisher, Product Manager - Geodon, Phone: (212) 573-2323, Email:
Michael Gavigan, Product […]

Free Sales Leads - Pfizer

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Pfizer just got huge with their purchase of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and that’s saying something because they were huge to start with. Here’s a list of free sales leads for Pfizer, pre-acquisition, for you to check out.
Jenny Alltoft, Pfizer Product Manager, Phone: (212) 573-2323 , Email:
Debbie Botwick, Director - eMarketing, Phone: (212) 573-2323, Email:
Kaki […]