Free Sales Leads for Los Angeles and the Rest of Southern California

Anyone out there selling products or services to companies in LA? Anyone cold calling and meeting with those companies??

I’ve been cold calling into Los Angeles and the greater LA area for years. I’ve also been quite successful using a combination of cold calling and meeting with prospects and then working referrals. However, my sales have started to level off over the past year, I think primarily because I spend much less time prospecting for new sales leads than I used to. Because of that, my sales pipeline hasn’t really grown much in the past year. Sure, I’ve done a good job at maximizing my sales revenue from my existing clients and prospects, but with the size of a city like LA I’m sure there’s tons of sales I’m missing, simply because I haven’t been calling some prospects.

I can’t be the only sales rep out there experiencing the same situation. In fact, people in my office have also had the same thing happen to them, so there must be other sales reps out there who are not completely satisfied with their pipelines. If that sounds like you, I propose we share some sales leads for LA. I’ll be posting some of my up-to-date sales leads for LA on this site. And I hope there’s other sales reps out there selling into LA who will post their good sales leads here as well.

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