Free Sales Leads - Microsoft (2)

Here’s some more free sales leads for Microsoft employees with a marketing focus:

Shawn McMichael, Director Sales & Marketing,

Nora Kelly, Senior Marketing Manager,

Jeff Shirk, Senior Marketing Manager - ISV NSI Partners,

Mike Fischer, Consumer & On-Line Marketing Officer,

Wilson Haddow, Senior Product Marketing Manager,

Rocky Griggs, Marketing Manager,

Mitch Lewis, GM WorldWide Marketing - Communications Sector,

Chris Hilderbrand, Director of SMB Customer Marketing,

Alexandre Leite, Senior Global Strategy Manager,

Carrie Shursen, Business Development Manager,

Judy McOstrich, Senior Marketing Manager,

Susan Flood, Senior Marketing Manager - Clinical,

Angela Hendrick, Senior Product Marketing Manager,

Helen Fanucci, Senior Marketing Director,

Shannon Yost, Senior Marketing Consultant,

Karen Cartales, Global Brand and Integrated Marketing Director,

Tanya Tretyak, District Marketing Manager,

Matias Ruiz, Regional Sales & Marketing Lead - Latin America,

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  1. Jyssica Says:

    Hi! I just found your site. I recently started a new sales job where none of the leads are provided. It’s a service, so somewhat tough to sell sometimes, as I came from a job that provided leads and sold a tangible product.
    Anyway, I can’t thank you enough, this has saved me hours and hours of research!!

    I noticed that a few of the companies listed, I already have leads for, which means you may be able to use some of mine. I’m going to email them to myself at work tomorrow and post them for you! (This may take a few days, I have a decent amount for someone who started this job 2 and a half weeks ago.)

    Thanks and have a great day!

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