Free Sales Leads - Pfizer

Pfizer just got huge with their purchase of Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and that’s saying something because they were huge to start with. Here’s a list of free sales leads for Pfizer, pre-acquisition, for you to check out.

Jenny Alltoft, Pfizer Product Manager, Phone: (212) 573-2323 , Email:

Debbie Botwick, Director - eMarketing, Phone: (212) 573-2323, Email:

Kaki Hinton, VP - Advertising Services, Phone: 973-385-2107, Email:

Patty Reger, Manager - Meetings and Conventions, Phone: 973-385-3447, Email:

John Van Stone, VP - Market Operations, Phone: 973-385-5344, Email:

Joe Wisdo, Senior Director eBusiness, Phone: 973-385-5487, Email:

Brian Dwyer, Director - Human Resources, Phone: (212) 573-2323, Email:

Graham Goudie, Senior Marketing Manager - Zoloft, Phone: (212) 573-2323, Email:
More sales leads for Pfizer to come…

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