Intel Sales Leads List #8

I don’t have much time to write today, so right to it for your B2B desires with some more contact information for employees at Intel.

Mary Pool, Marketing Communications - Communications Strategies, Email:, Phone: 503-696-8080

Jeff Reese, Manager - Interactive Promotions, Phone: 503-696-8080

Janine Martin, Tradeshows and Events, Email:, Phone: 408-765-8080

Victor Torregroza, Manager - Tradeshows and Events, Email:, Phone: 408-765-1702

Stacey Yahna, OEM Training, Email:, Phone: 503-264-7716

Mitch Pauna, Manager - Marketing Development Office, Email:, Phone: 503-456-4436

Christophe Seagle, Project Manager, Email:, Phone: 503-696-8080

Brian Sullivan, Strategic Design Manager - Campaign Brand, Email:, Phone: 503-696-8080

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  1. Mary Pool Says:

    Hello, please remove me from this list as I have not been at Intel since 2006. And Brian Sullivan is also gone from Intel, same timeframe. Thanks very much, Mary


    [Ok, done. Thanks for the update.]

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