Miscellaneous Medical Device Co. Free Sales Leads “C”

Candela Corporation, 530 Boston Post Road, Wayland MA, Email: @candelalaser.com, Phone: 508-358-7637

Nancy Compton, Human Resources VP, nancy.compton@candelalaser.com, 508.358.7637

Jane Smith, Corporate Communications, jane.smith@candelalaser.com, 508.358.7637 ext. 247

Kate Garland, kate.garland@candelalaser.com, 508.358.7637 ext. 227

Dennis Herman, Senior Sales and Marketing VP, dennis.herman@candelalaser.com, 508.358.7637

Paul Cardarelli, Marketing VP, paul.cardarelli@candelalaser.com, 508.358.7637

Paul Broyer, Media Relations, paul.broyer@candelalaser.com, 508.358.7400 ext.435

Capintec Inc., 6 Arrow Road, Ramsey NJ, Email: @capintec.com, Phone: 201-825-9500

Mary Anne Dell, General Manager, madell@capintec.com, 201.825.9500

John Viscovic, Sales and Marketing VP, jviscovic@capintec.com, 201.825.9500

Cholestech Corporation, 3347 Investment Boulevard, Hayward CA, Email: @cholestech.com, Phone: 510-732-7200

Terry Wassman, Human Resources VP, twassman@cholestech.com, 510.732.7200

Ken Miller, Sales and Marketing VP, kmiller@cholestech.com, 510.732.7200

Jack Glenn, Chief Financial Officer, jglenn@cholestech.com, 510.781.5065

Roseann Burhenne, Marketing Director, rburhenne@cholestech.com, 510.732.7200

Yael Eliaz, Marketing Communications Manager, yeliaz@cholestech.com, 510.732.7200

Crosstex International Inc., 10 Ranick Road, Hauppauge NY, Email: @crosstex.com, Phone: 631-582-6777

Andrew Whitehead, Sales and Marketing VP, andyw@crosstex.com, 631.582.6777

Les Gershon, Sales VP, les@crosstex.com, 631.582.6777

Lynn Postal, Human Resources VP, lynnp@crosstex.com, 631.582.6777

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