Miscellaneous Medical Device Co. Free Sales Leads “A”

Here’s a ton of miscellaneous sales leads for smaller medical device based companies. Just because these companies are small, doesn’t mean they don’t need your good or services. I’d definitely recommend calling some of these companies.

Accellent, 200 West 7th Avenue, Collegeville PA, Email: @accellent.com, Phone: 610-489-0300

Stewart Fisher, EVP and CFO, stewart.fisher@accellent.com, 610.409.2225

Gary Curtis, Sales and Marketing VP, gary.curtis@accellent.com, 610.489.0300

Accu-line Products Inc., 379 Lyanough Road, Hyannis MA, Email: @acculine.com, Phone: 508-771-8022

Karleen Laviana, President, karleen.laviana@acculine.com, 508.771.8022

Acuderm Inc., 5370 North West 35th Terrace, Fort Lauderdale FL, Email: @ acuderm.com, Phone: 954-733-6935

Kathi Phillips, Customer Service, kphillips@acuderm.com, 954.449.2261

Jamie Ventura, Sales Manager, jventura@acuderm.com, 954.733.6935

AFP Imaging Corporation, 250 Clearbrook Road, Elmsford NY, Email: afpimaging.com, Phone: 914-592-6100

Christopher Weed, Sales and Marketing VP, cweed@dent-x.com, 914.592.6100

Donald Rabinovitch, President, drabinovitch@afpimaging.com, 914.592.6100

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