Miscellaneous Medical Device Co. Free Sales Leads “B”

Banner, 4125 Premier Drive, High Point NC, Email: @banpharm.com, Phone: 336-812-8700

William (Bill) Jones, Global Pharmaceutical Marketing Director, wjjones@banpharm.com, 336.812.8700

Greg Kearl, Sales and Business Development Executive Director, glkearl@banpharm.com, 336.812.8700

Mike Cielensky, Nutritional Sales Director, 336.812.8700

Baxa Corporation, 14445 Grasslands Drive, Englewood CO, Email: @baxa.com, Phone: 303-690-4204

Claude Hooton, Executive Sales and Marketing VP, claude.hooton@baxa.com, 303.617.2192

Marian Robinson, Marketing VP, marian.robinson@baxa.com, 303.690.4204

Pam Price, Sales VP, pam.price@baxa.com, 303.690.4204

April Hixson, Sourcing and Buying Group Manager, april.hixson@baxa.com, 303.690.4204

Boston Biomedica Inc., 375 West Street, West Bridgewater MA, Email: @bbii.com, Phone: 508-580-1900

Mark Manak, Senior VP and General Manager - BBI Biotech, mmanak@bbii.com, 508.580.1900

David Petersen, Senior VP and General Manager - BBI Source, dpetersen@bbii.com, 508.580.1900

Laura Braswell, Marketing Communications Manager, lbraswell@bbii.com, 508.580.1900

Biovail Corporation, 7150 Mississauga Road, Mississauga Ontario, Email: @biovail.com, Phone: 905-286-3000

Mark Durham, Human Resources VP, mark.durham@biovail.com, 905.286.3000

Lorelei Lutter, Marketing and Sales Director, lorelei.lutter@biovail.com, 905.286.3000

Kirsten Gebert, Manager Incentive Compensation, kirsten.gebert@biovail.com, 908.927.1893

Brown Medical Industries, 1300 Lundberg Drive West, Spirit Lake IA, Email: @brownmed.com, Phone: 712-336-4395

Ivan Brown, President and CEO, ivan.brown@brownmed.com, 800.843.4395

Janet Brown, Human Resources Manager, janet.brown@brownmed.com, 712.336.4395

Paul Katzfey, Marketing Director, paul.katzfey@brownmed.com 712.336.4395

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