Non Qualified Intel Prospects

I’m not too sure about this list of prospects at Intel. If anyone knows if these are up-to-date leads or if they’re out of date, let us know.

Rochelle Lovell, Marketing, Email:, Phone: 503-264-6554

Suzanne Pritchard, Brand Identiy, Email:, Phone: 916-356-9411

Morgan Anderson, Intel Education Relations Manager, Phone: 503-264-1868

Sunlin Chou, Technology and Manufacturing Group, Phone: 503-696-8080

Allyson Klein, Industry Marketing Program Manager, Phone: 503-712-4165

Kristine Killeen, Graphic Designer, Email:, Phone: 408-765-1360

Dan Taylor, Presentation Services, Email:, Phone: 408-765-1971

Carol Macintosh, Marketing, Phone: 503-696-8080

Gary Matos, Marketing Development Manager, Phone: 503-696-8080

Rick Meeder, Communications Manager, Email:, Phone: 253-371-8756

Gloria Aksentowitz, Communications Strategy,, Phone: 480-554-7055

Linda April, Tradeshows, Phone: 480-765-8080

Russ Hampsten, Audio Marketing Manager, Phone: 408-765-8080

Carolyn Hasker, Marketing, Email:, Phone: 408-765-8080

Jennifer Colley, Operations, Email:, Phone:503-696-8080

Roxanne Gryder, Marketing Manager, Phone: 503-696-8080

Grant Klarp, Product Marketing Communications Manager, Phone: 503-264-8779

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