Ortho McNeil Free Sales Leads List

Johnson and Johnson sure does own a lot of companies. Maybe you can leverage some of the contacts for other J&J companies you can find here at Sales Leads Free when cold calling these prospects for Ortho McNeil.

Ortho McNeil Pharmaceuticals, A Johnson & Johnson Company, 1000 Route 202 South, Raritan NJ, Phone: 908.218.6000, Email: @ompus.jnj.com

Michael Beckerich, Communications Director, mbeckerich@ompus.jnj.com, 908.218.6000

Carl DeStefanis, Group Product Director, cdestafanis@ompus.jnj.com, 908.218.6000

Jane Ghosh, Marketing Director, jghosh@ompus.jnj.com, 908.218.6000

Tina Queli, Administrative Assistant, tqueli@ompus.jnj.com, 908.927.2795

Todd Spiegel, Product Director, tspiegel@ompus.jnj.com, 908.218.6000

Haya Taitel, Product Director - Women’s Health, htaitel@ompus.jnj.com, 908.218.6000

Dave Grewcock, Marketing Director, dgrewcock@ompus.jnj.com, 908.218.6000

Mike Hanlon, Product Director, mhanlon@ompus.jnj.com, 908.218.6000

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