Free Sales Leads - Sanofi Aventis

January 22nd, 2011

There’s a lot going on at New Jersey based Sanofi Aventis these days. If you’re a sales rep selling into the pharmaceutical or healthcare space on the East Coast this company should definitely be on your sales cold calling list. Here are some free sales leads for Sanofi-Aventis to get you started selling into this giant pharma co.

Emmy Tsui, Corporate Communications,

Ceci Zak, Corporate Communications,

Ines Windisch, Corporate Communications,

Ivan Nelson, Procurement,

Cliff Barone, Director Innovation & New Customer Channels,

Nicole Sibol, Sr Product Manger, Marketing,

Tom Wiatrowski, Senior Manager - New Products Marketing,

Rose Chandler, ST Field Medical Affairs,

Free Sales Leads - Lawson Software

January 5th, 2011

Lawson Software in Minneapolis is doing quite well these days and is a prime business development target. Here are some free sales leads for Lawson to get you started.

Suzanne Benn, Marketing Director,

Anders Ekman, Vice President Communications,

Lori Wolf, Sales Representative,

Dick Justmann, Senior Marketing Manager,

Laurie Lindan, Market Manager Southern Europe,

Andrew Dalziel, Global Marketing Director for Fashion,

Espen Andersen, Marketing Director Norway,

Odella Schattin, mployee Communication Manager,

Free Sales Leads - General Motors (GM)

January 2nd, 2011

GM may still have a long way to go but they’ve had a nice turn around and are once again a good target for business development reps selling into the automotive space in Detroit. Here are a few free GM sales leads to start the year with. Happy Cold Calling in 2011!

Yvonne Benda, Product Development Quality Manager,

Hermann Mahnke, Regional Advertising Manager,

Paul Warner,Executive Recruiter,

Jennifer Costabile, General Director, Used Vehicle Activities, Fleet & Commerical Advertising and Marketing,

Peter Santoro, Information Security for Restructuring,

Charles Combs, Mechanical Engineer, Cost Reduction Manager,

Michael Hurrell, Fleet and Commercial Executive,

Saloua Loukos, Sourcer/Web-Miner,

Debi Mohapatra, Project Manager,

Peter Groen, Senior HR Manager,

Tom Cerniglia, District Sales Manager for Buick GMC,

Daniel Juliette, Business Manager,

Kathleen Barclay, VP Global Human Resources,

Alexandra Bassell, Team Lead,

Richard Witten, Senior Buyer,

Chris Cadicamo, Director of IT Program Management,

Free Sales Leads - Ford Motor Company

September 20th, 2010

Ford is really turning things around. They might be ready to spend some money to help continue their turnaround. Here’s some free sales leads for Ford that you can give a try.

Finbarr O’Connor, Consumer Marketing Communications Director,

Jack Palazzolo, Director - Marketing and Strategy - Export Operations and Global Growth Initiatives,

Amy Green, Marketing Development East Market,

Tom Grill, US Western Region Sales and Marketing Manager,

Vivien Li, Product Marketing Mananger,

Enrico Ferroni, Marketing Director,

Fiona Gronowicz, Senior Sales and Marketing Manager,

Adam Barrow, Branding Manager,

Azhar Piracha, Marketing Manager,

Carol Kendra, Chief Marketing Officer,

Philip Jacob, Product Marketing,

Marika Spezzati, Strategic Marketing Specialist,

Free Sales Leads Pepsi Co

September 8th, 2010

Who doesn’t love a Pepsi from time to time? Go down to the store, buy a can and get calling these free sales leads for Pepsi Co.

Dave DeCecco, Director - Media Bureau,, 914.253.2655

Jenny Schiavone, Director - Financial Communications,, 914.253.3941

Lynn Markley, Vice President - Sustainability Communications,, 914.253.3059

Bonin Bough, Director - Social Media,, 914.253.3058

Pete Brace, Vice President - Marketing Services,, 312.821.3599

Hilary Crnkovich, Director - Public Relations,, 312.821.1397