Sales Leads for Organon in New Jersey

Here’s another list of up-to-date sales leads, this time for another med device company in NJ.

Organon Inc., Division of AKZO Nobel, 375 Mount Pleasant Avenue, West Orange NJ, Phone: 973-325-4500, Email Format:

Rick Camp, Brand Director, 973.325.5305

Warren Czerniak, Marketing,, 973.325.4566

Nick Hart, Senior Women’s Health Director,, 973.325.6868

Linda Stamler, Brand Manager - NuvaRing, 973.325.4914

Victoria Jorda, Brand Manager,, 973.325.5356

Terry Moore, VP - Central Nervous System, 973.325.4823

Steve Vorrius, Senior Director - Anestisia and Pain Management,, 973.325.7482

Elina Daamen, Media Relations, Email:

Monique Mols, Media Relations Director, Email:

Laura Choi, Investor Relations, Email:, Phone: 609.430.2880

Marleen Bussman, Business Development Coordination, Email:

Jeroen Tonnaer, Global Business Development, Email:

Steve Lundy, Senior VP Sales and Marketing, Email:

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