Sales Leads Free - More Northrop Grumman Corporation

NGC is huge, so expect a whole lot more leads to show up here over the coming months. You better get cold calling before this lists gets out of control.

Katie Lamb, Northrop Grumman Protonex Team,

Greg Cipriano, VP of Marketing - Military,

Gaston Kent, Investor Relations VP,, 310.553.6262

Rosanne O’Brien, Communications VP,, 310.553.6262

James Hart, Media Relations,, 310.331.3616

Pete Chase, Marketing,, 805.684.6641

Bob Sharka, Finance,, 310.459.7073

Brooks McKinney, Integrated Systems Marketing,, 310.331.6610

Ray Kang, Security Manager,, 310.812.4786

David Purchase, New Accounts,, 310.331.1062

Suzette Sakazaki, eSolutions,, 310.814.0597

Lisa Terry, Integreated Delivery Team,, 310.331.1055

Lori New, Supplier Quality Administration,, 310.332.6689

Sandy Roberts, Supplier Quality Process Manager,, 310.332.6609

Bob Bishop, Space Technology Marketing,, 310.812.5227

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