Sales Leads Free - Northrop Grumman Corporation

Walking into the Northrop Grumman Corporation board rooms is like stepping back 30 years into “big business.” Massive rooms with leather chairs and tables twice the size of most CEO’s offices these days, NGC is covered in money. And yet, they might have slipped by your cold calling radar.

NGC sells their services mostly to the gov’t and its probably best to check their website for information on what they sell exactly - NGC. This list will get larger as I do more research on NGC, but here’s a few leads I’ve been calling this past year.

Northrop Grumman Corporation, 1840 Century Park East, Los Angeles CA, Phone: 310-553-6262, Email Format:

Denny McSweeny, Investor Relations VP,, 310.553.6262

Silvestro Fimiani, Product Marketing Manager,

Richard Katz, Product Marketing Manager,, 310.814.5679

Sally Koris, Space Technology,, 310.812.4721

Wendell Bugg, Communications Director,, 310.332.7309

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